Teamhub – For a fieldworker


Activate your account
When you are added as a team member on Teamhub you get an email about setting your own password. When you have done this you will get instructions on how to download the app and get started.

Your work orders
When you have logged in to the app you will be presented with a daily view of work orders assigned to you. If it is empty in the list you can try to reload the screen by sliding down to to reload, if there are still no work orders on your screen perhaps your administrator has not yet added you to any.

Once you have clicked a work order you can read up on what needs to be done, se relevant files, who else is working on the same work order and information about the client.

Report time on a work order
To report time on a work order you simply click the work order, and then the big green button in the bottom of the screen saying ”Report time”. Select the hours and minutes spent on the work order, leave a comment on whet you have done and click ”Save”.

Closing a work order
When you have completed a work order you can go back to the work order screen and scroll to the bottom of the page and click ”Close work order” and the accept.

Log non-billable time
You can also log vacation, sick-leave and internal time by clicking ”Other time” on the daily overview. Select the time type, the amount of hours spent and then click save.

Those were some of the key features in Teamhub.

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