Teamhub – For an administrator


Add your clients
To add a project you need to add a client to tie the project to, it is also to the client you add this agreed upon hourly price.

Add team members
Click on ”Team” in the main menu and then ”Add new team member”. When you added all the details and clicked ”Save” the team member gets an email where he/she gets to add a password and by doing so, activate the account. However, it is not until you add the team member to a work order that tasks will begin to appear in their apps.

Create a project and break it down in to work orders.
Click ”Project” in the main menu, then click ”Create new project” and add the details. The adress is used to give directions to the work site and to remind them when the come and go to log the time. Once the project is created the team member can divite the project in to tasks, or Work orders as they are called in Teamhub.

Create reports and invoice drafts
Click on the project you with to create a report for, and the click the tab ”Reports”. Select a start and an end date, and what values you wish to include. When you are happy with the selection you can save your report.
To create an invoice draft you simply click on an existing report (or create one) and the click ”Create invoice draft”.

Those were some of the key features in Teamhub.

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