Project management and time tracking system for the construction industry

  • Smartphone apps for field workers to easily track time, report use of material & much more.
  • Easy to use and powerful web-based admin tool that works on any device.
  • Manage projects and work orders and communicate with your team.
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  • Time Tracking

    Get a detailed and up to date insight on what’s been done in the field.
  • Projects & Work Orders

    Plan your projects, split them up in Work Orders, delegate to the team and follow up on progress.

  • Extra Ordered Tasks

    Create work orders for extra ordered tasks on the field, so time and materials can be reported separately.
  • Job Site Record

    Create reports of who was present at a job site and easily export when needed.
  • Comunicate

    Comunicate within your team about projects and work orders.
  • Files

    Gather all your documentation, such as drawings, contracts or images and make them available to your team.
  • Sub Contractor Panel

    Receive projects and workorders directly from clients or create them on your sub contractors accounts.
  • Super Secure Data

    Your data is safe with us. We do regular backups and encrypt all of your data.
  • Complete Reports

    Create complete reports on entire projects, individual work orders or on extra ordered tasks easily.
  • Expenses

    Supplier invoices and costs related to your projects are easy to add. So you’ll know how each project is doing.
  • Drivers Log

    Easily log your vehicles mileage and create reports when needed.
  • Salary Details

    Your team can easily add hours for sick leave, vacation, internal projects etc. in the app for you to see.
  • Item Manager

    Let field workers add items they use during the project, this will automatically be added to your reports.
  • Team Management

    Clear overview of your team members with their personal information, allergies, contact person and blood-type.
  • Real time sync

    Syncs with your field workers devices in real time. Know what happens, when it happens.
  • Client Zone

    Invite your clients to selected projects and work orders to keep them in the loop.

About us

Teamhub is a tool for the construction industry and it will save your company both time and money.

Built to be both powerful and easy to use, it’s great for planning, creating quotes, work orders, time tracking, material usage, invoicing, communication and much more. Teamhub greatly simplifies and automates the everyday work and documents the whole process so project managers, field workers and clients know exactly what’s going on.

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The  team is a hand picked group of professionals from both the construction industry and the IT sector.



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